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Pine Creek Structure's 6-Year Top-To-Bottom Warranty

Heavy Duty Buildings are covered by our 6-Year Top-To-Bottom Warranty. Structures are warranted for six years from date of installation against defects in material & workmanship. Pine Creek Structures, Inc. at its option may either repair or replace the defect. Bargain corner structures and clearance models marked as-is do not include this warranty. Madison Series buildings include only a 1-Year Top-To-Bottom Warranty. Buildings and products sold by Pine Creek Structures, but manufactured by other companies are not covered by our top-to bottom warranty (but may have their own manufacturer's warranty).

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Manufacturer's Warranties:


Vinyl Siding, Soffits, and Accessories Warranty

Vinyl siding, soffits, and accessories are backed by a Limited, Lifetime Warranty (50-Year Transferable) protecting against manufacturing defects, excessive fading, and hail damage.

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LP Smart Side 5/50-Year Limited Warranty

LP Smart Side is backed by a 5/50-Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser of the product or owner of the structure in which the products are installed. Products are warranted against buckling, cracking, peeling, separating, chipping, flaking, or rupturing of the resin-impregnated surface area. Products are also warranted against structural damage caused by termites and/or fungal decay (fungus-related “wood rot”).

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Haley Paint 12-Year Limited Warranty

Haley paint is backed by a 12-Year Limited Warranty. Paint is warranted against peeling/blister from properly prepared surfaces, noticeable fading, chalking, and eroding to expose wood surface.

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Lifetime Architectural Shingles

GAF laminated shingles are backed by a Manufacturer's Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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PC-Metals Roofing

PC-Metals roofing includes a 40-Year Paint Guarantee from Beckers.


PerformMAX Floor 25-Year Limited Warranty

PerformMAX flooring (began use in buildings in 2018) includes a 25-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty against delamination.

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Adventure World Play Sets

Play Sets from the manufacturer Adventure World Play Sets are backed by a Manufacturer's Limited 20-Year Warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials affecting the structural integrity of the playground systems, such as the vinyl, poly lumber and wood components. Slides, swings, and accessories are covered by a Manufacturer's Limited 5-Year Warranty from date of original purchase. These warranties apply only to products used for residential, single-family dwellings subject to ordinary use and proper installation. Warranties are to the original owner at the installation address.

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Swing Kingdom (Available At Stores in Berlin, CT, Millersville, MD, and Roanoke, VA)

Play Sets from the manufacturer Swing Kingdom are backed by a Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime, 20-Year and 5-Year Warranty. Swing Kingdom warrants to the original purchaser at the original residential installation address, that the structural components of the playground systems, such as the PVC plastic lumber and wood components are covered by a 20-year manufacturer's warranty. In addition all canopies, slides, metal components, swings and accessories are warranted by the manufacturer for 5 years from date of original purchase. (Terms vary for products built for commercial settings.)

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Not sure if your product is covered by these warranties? Talk to your local store manager!